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Refunds Are Not Issued After The Purchase Of This Avatar. I Do Not Take Responsibility If Future VRC Updates Break This Avatar.

Do NOT Share The Avatar, If You Buy It As A Gift Please Put Their Information Instead Of Yours.

Do NOT Make This Avatar Public. If Found Uploaded Publicly You will Be Subject To A Blacklist From My Server/Store As Well As Have Your Information Given To Other Creators.

Do NOT Redistribute This Avatar In Any Form (This Includes Price Splitting, Trading, Or Sharing With Friends.)

Do NOT Resell This Avatar In Any Way, Shape, Or Form, This Includes Edits.

Do NOT Claim This Avatar As Yours, Edits Are Permitted But That Does Not Make It Yours.

Do NOT Re-Use Any Assets On This Avatar For Personal Or Commercial Use, Buy Them From Their Respective Stores.

You ARE Allowed To Use This Avatar On Social Media (Instagram, TikTok, etc.) As Long As It Is Not For Commercial Use.

You will get a PNG (488KB) file